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If you are planning for a year sow rice, if you are planning for decade plant tree and if you are planning for a lifetime educate people, indeed are can even say that the quality of Education will determine the destiny of the nation.

Education must extend beyond the four walls of the classroom and touch the soul deep down making the child intellectually sound, society conscious, environmentally aware and emotionally balanced. While giving independence to our children we must keep them firmly grout to the roots of responsibility and morals values.

Every child is a born genius brimming with hidden talents waiting to be discovered. It is a teachers and parents responsibility to find these seed of potential and help them blossom into flowers. As they embark on Journeys into unknown, we should fill their young hearts with courage and conviction.

We must teach our children to dream with their open eyes, Once they begin to dream we must equip them with the skills and abilities to realize their dreams .

At Police Modern School, police line Haridwar we are dedicated to providing our students an environment to learning, imaging and achieving.

Dear Parents, you have always been partners in the noble mission of empowering children. We solicit your co operating to feed confidence, build character and in calculate moral values in our children. We must not forget that in order to manage children well, we have to borrow their eyes & Heart to see & feel as they do. I promise that I and my team will always give 100% co operation & support for betterment and progress of school.

My Best Wishes are always with principal and faculty of school, I am sure that school will continue to scale better heights with each passing day.

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